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About us

Every business needs an intention. Ours is to create beautiful spaces infused with calmness and positive energy—because we believe that a happy, healthy environment begets success and well-being.

During our travels through Asia, we started to notice all of these gorgeous light bulbs that were either scarcely available on the Internet or obviously overpriced. As art design enthusiasts, when we discovered that such exquisite and unique lighting was available, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share it.

After all, great lighting can transform a room.   

With our design, technology, and direct e-commerce backgrounds between us, we quickly established a supply chain, warehouse, and website, where consumers can purchase our products at affordable prices. And we’re calling it Shine On You Crazy, since every environment deserves that special sparkle.

We’re passionate about our new venture. We hope you are too. 

Joseph + Jason